The Best Place to Guide Yourself Through the Journey of Understanding Concepts of Physics is meant with the vision to supply our users the flexibility to feel the Physics, rather than simply knowing it.Knowing is completely different from understanding - individuals know that force of action and reaction are equal - if you ask they'll state, however when asked why apple falls towards earth (and not earth moves towards apple ) they are saying as a result of earth being heavier it applies a lot of force on apple than apple applies on earth-that creates a distinction in knowing and understanding.

Our whole effort is on understanding the concepts of Physics besides knowing them.

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Coulomb’s Law - Explanation of Statement , Formulas-Principle, Limitation of Coulomb’s Law
In this article Coulomb's law have been discussed in simple words- explaining the statement, Giving Formula and pointing out the limitations of Coulomb's Law.

Electric Field Lines - Deep concept of electric field lines
If you think electric field lines as the trajectory of positive charge in electric field, then you are wrong, you must clear your concept of electric field lines by reading this article.

Definition of charge - Understanding the Concept of Charge
Here you will define charge and understand that weather charge is associated with conductors only are charge is associated with non-conductors too.

Introduction to Electrostatics and History of charge
In this article importance of electricity is described. Also History of electrostatics and origin of concept of charge has been discussed.

Why always glass rod got positive charge on rubbing with silk
You should have a confusion in your mind, far more than 2600 years when we rub a glass rod with silk it gets charged positively over and again, not even a single time it is negatively charged.

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